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Scott Eric Olivier


2024 Tali Azerad (Forthcoming LP) P E M I PT Ma SD PG
2023 Sophia Zamani Worth It E I PT
2023 Inanna Broken Ma
2023 Chuck Leah Lolo, Montana P E M I PT
2022 Gentry THZ Ma
2022 Inanna Are We Vampires? Ma
2022 Michaela Jaé Something To Say PT Ma PG
2022 Steve Waddington Holiday Like This Ma
2021 Tali Azerad Tali Azerad P E M I PT Ma SD PG
2021 Inanna Change (acoustic) P E M Ma
2020 Robert Holguin†† Don’t Dream It’s Over P E M I PT Ma SD PG
2020 Chuck Leah Band of Ghosts E I PT
2020 Inanna Naturocentric Ma
2020 Inanna Heal Ma
2020 Robbie Nevil Blood On A Rose E PT PG
2020 Inanna Invisible City (single) Ma
2020 Vena Bhava Zeitgeist (single) Ma
2020 311 E M PT PG
2019 Aimee Mann** PG
2019 Diiv SD PG
2019 Salem Darling Top Of The World W
2019 Bob Margolin & The Memphis Horns I’m Goin Home M Ma SD
2019 Robert Holguin Finding Freddie P E M Ma I W SD
2019 Robert Holguin Private Wall – Public Debate P E M Ma I W SD

2018 UNA Noise Of The Wing I SD PG
2017 Aimee Mann ** E PG 2017 311 E PT PG
2017 Amalia Mondragon I
2017 Rusty Anderson
Live E PT
2016 Goo Goo Dolls Boxes E M PT SD PG
2016 UNA
Hiss For The Fly I SD
2016 D8A5NR Eavesdrop P E M I PT W SD PG
2016 Nathan East ** E PT

2015 Alanis Morissette **American Music Awards PG
2015 Christina Aguilera ** PT PG
2015 Gwen Stefani ** E M PT SD PG
2015 Goo Goo Dolls E M PT PG

2014 D8A5NR Eavesdrøp P E M PT I W
2014 No Doubt ** PT SD PG
2014 John Fogerty ** PG
2014 Christina Aguilera ** PT PG
2014 Nathan East ** E PT
2014 Man With A Mission Distance M
2014 Goo Goo Dolls E M PT PG

2013 Beck ** PT SD PG
2013 No Doubt ** PT SD PG
2013 David Foster ** PG
2013 Kenny “Babyface” Edmonds ** PG
2013 Jim Wilson I

2012 No Doubt ** USA/UK/EU PT SD PG
2010 The Offspring Unity E PT PG
2009 Alice In Chains PT I PG
2009 Michael Jackson ** This Is It PT SD PG
2009 Rihanna ** PG
2009 Evanescence ** M PT PG
2009 No Doubt ** PT PG
2009 Kill Speed
Original Motion Picture Soundtrack P E M I W
2009 Chris Cornell ** Scream E M PT

2008 Fourplay Energy E PT
2008 The Offspring US/UK/EU/AUS E M PT SD
2008 Nathan East ** E M PT
2008 Chris Cornell ** E M PT PG
2008 Cory Joseph Now Is All P E M I PT

2007 Van Halen ** PT PG
2007 The Offspring E PT PG
2007 Motley Crüe PT
2007 Chris Johnson’s Hollywood Hillbillies E M I
2007 Uberbabe
Stars Over Shootland I
2007 Kelley James So Divine I
2007 Eli Goldsmith She’s An Actress P M I

2006 Corky James The James Gang E
2006 National Sunday Law SD
2006 Lili Haydn ** Memory One E I
2006 Shurman A Week in the Life M
2006 Deanna Johnston
What’s It To You? E I
2006 Rick Holmstrom It’s Time I Lose M
2006 Bluestrain Live at B.B. King’s Ma
2006 Rick Holmstrom Live Boogaloo E M
2006 Mark MacMinn
Under The Covers E M
2006 Voxxine Camouflage Rose P E M I
2006 Maneja Beto
Accidentes de Longitud y Latitud P E M I
2006 Mojo Rib
In For Sin P E M I
2005 Chris Tomlin ** Arriving E SD PG
2005 Mark MacMinn Bon Voyage P E M I
2005 Resident Hero Open Target P E M I
2005 Eli Goldsmith She’s An Actress P E M
2005 Mark MacMinn Hot World P E M I
2004 Papa Mali Live Austin Music Network E PT
2003 Jeff Plankenhorn I
2003 Maneja Beto
Para Que Las Paredes No Se Aburran P E M I
2003 Matt Williams
Lets Work It Out P E M I
2003 Jimmy LaFave E I
2003 Eliza Gilkyson I
2003 Slaid Cleaves I
2003 Mark MacMinn
We All Fall Down P E M I Ma
2003 Arlo Guthrie ** / Pete Seeger ** I

2002 Michael Fracasso E I
Jimmy LaFave USA/EUR E I
2002 Danny Click Marseilles I
2002 American Idles On Eleven! EP P E M I W
2002 Picasso’s Radio Picasso’s Radio P E M
2002 Jaco Pastorius ** Live at the Surfrider 1977 Ma
2002 Adam Stokes Tamarindo P E M I
2002 Gravy Boat
Bars and Stars E M
2002 Joe Presti She Leaves Stars… E
2002 Proskuneo Return To Serenity M
2002 DC Festivals Recorded 151 Ensembles E M
2001 FlipSide Den The Money Shot P E M
2001 Tyrone Vaughan Tyrone Vaughan P E M I


P = Producer
E = Recording Engineer
M = Mixing Engineer
I = Instrumentalist
PT = ProTools / Logic / Ableton Live
W = Writer / Composer
Ma = Mastering
SD = Sound Designer
rM = Re-Mixer
PG = Programmer
†† = Emmy Artist
** = Grammy Artist


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