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Scott Eric Olivier


2019 Aimee Mann E PG
2019 Selfstarter Soaring with The Egos P E M I PT W SD PG
2018 D8A5NR Misinfornational Anthems P E M I PT W SD PG
2018 UNA Noise Of The Wing I SD PG
2017 Aimee Mann E PG
2017 311 E PT PG
2017 Amalia Mondragon I
2017 Rusty Anderson Live E PT
2016 Goo Goo Dolls Boxes E M PT SD PG
2016 UNA Hiss For The Fly I SD
2016 Nathan East E PT
2015 Alanis Morissette American Music Awards PG
2015 Christina Aguilera PT PG
2015 Gwen Stefani E M PT SD PG
2015 Goo Goo Dolls E M PT PG
2014 D8A5NR Eavesdrøp P E M PT I W
2014 No Doubt PT SD PG
2014 John Fogerty PG
2014 Christina Aguilera PT PG
2014 Nathan East E PT
2014 Man With A Mission Distance M
2014 Goo Goo Dolls E M PT PG
2013 Beck PT SD PG
2013 No Doubt PT SD PG
2013 David Foster PG
2013 Kenny “Babyface” Edmonds PG
2013 Jim Wilson I
2012 No Doubt USA/UK/EU PT SD PG
2010 The Offspring / 311 Unity E PT PG
2009 Alice In Chains PT I PG
2009 Michael JacksonThis Is It PT SD PG
2009 Rihanna PG
2009 Evanescence M PT PG
2009 No Doubt PT PG
2009 Kill Speed Original Motion Picture Soundtrack P E M I W
2009 Chris CornellScream E M PT
2008 Fourplay Energy E PT
2008 The Offspring US/UK/EU/AUS E M PT SD
2008 Nathan East E M PT
2008 Chris Cornell Projekt Revolution E M PT PG
2008 Cory JosephNow Is All P E M I PT
2007 Van Halen PT PG
2007 The Offspring E PT PG
2007 Motley Crüe PT
2007 Chris Johnson’s Hollywood Hillbillies E M I
2007 Uberbabe Stars Over Shootland I
2007 ThemeWorkz 61 Themes P M I W
2007 Kelley JamesSo Divine I
2007 Eli Goldsmith She’s An Actress P M I
2006 Corky JamesThe James Gang E
2006 Bluestrain Yesteryears E M
2006 Quasi Public Pale Blue Angel rM
2006 Steely ChristmasWish I
2006 National Sunday Law SD
2006 Lili HaydnMemory One E I
2006 ShurmanA Week in the Life M
2006 Deanna Johnston What’s It To You? E I
2006 Southbound Live in Hermosa Ma
2006 Rick HolmstromIt’s Time I Lose M
2006 Bluestrain Live at B.B. King’s Ma
2006 Rick Holmstrom Live Boogaloo E M
2006 Mark MacMinn Under The Covers E M
2006 Voxxine Camouflage Rose P E M I
2006 Maneja Beto Accidente de Longitud y Latitud P E M I
2006 Mojo Rib In For Sin P E M I
2005 Chris Tomlin Arriving E SD PG
2005 Garfield Wilson M
2005 Cubby Above The Smoke (Single) P E M I
2005 Resident HeroOpen Target P E M I
2005 Scott Hay I SD
2005 Eli Goldsmith So Wrong & Fight You I
2005 Mark MacMinn Hot World P E M I
2005 Taylor Evans Normal P E M I W
2005 Chai T Usher Translations P E M I W
2005 Mulch Phat of the Land E M
2004 Bye June Test Pattern (Single) M
2004 Papa MaliLive Austin Music Network E PT
2004 DC Festivals Recorded 162 Ensembles E M
2003 Jeff Plankenhorn I
2003 Maneja Beto Para Que Las Paredes No Se Aburran P E M I
2003 Matt Williams Lets Work It Out P E M I
2003 Jimmy LaFave E I
2003 Eliza Gilkyson I
2003 Slaid Cleaves I
2003 Mark MacMinn We All Fall Down P E M I Ma
2003 Arlo Guthrie / Pete Seeger E I
2003 DC Festivals Recorded 144 Ensembles E M
2002 Michael Fracasso E I
2002 National Pastime Heavy Sleeper P E M
2002 Jimmy LaFave USA/EUR I
2002 Danny Click Elvis the Dog I
2002 Darby Was Right Get Out Of The Way P E M Ma
2002 American Idles On Eleven! EP P E M I W
2002 Picasso’s Radio Picasso’s Radio P E M
2002 Enkindle Crown Day in the Sun E
2002 Jaco PastoriusLive at the Surfrider 1977 Ma
2002 Adam Stokes Tamarindo P E M I
2002 Gravy Boat Bars and Stars E M Ma
2002 Joe Presti She Leaves Stars… E
2002 Proskuneo Return To Serenity M
2002 DC Festivals Recorded 151 Ensembles E M
2001 FlipSide Den The Money Shot P E M
2001 Tyrone VaughanTyrone Vaughan P E M I
2001 Geidi Prime Slowburn E M
2001 DC Festivals Recorded 135 Ensembles E M
2000 Ed MillerSongs of Scotland E
2000 The Illusionists Mountain to Sea E
2000 Wunderkap Happiness SD I
2000 Nathan O Live at the Longhorn E M
2000 DC Festivals Recorded 144 Ensembles E M
1999 Drama I am, You are, This is E M
1999 Eric Elder Eric Elder E M
1998 Scrappy Acoustically Enhanced P E M I W
1998 The Cuckoos Trip To Fame E M
1997 Muzzle Picture This E
1996 Boma Cho What More? E M I
1995 Fusebox Le Fusebox! E M
1995 Psychohick Psychohick E M
1995 Johnny Favorite Johnny Favorite E M
1992 Mouthpiece Blotto CoP E M I W
1992 One Hand Clapping Whirlybird CoP I W
1991 One Hand Clapping Glimpse CoP I W
1990 Tracy Davis Macabre Musical Mirage P E M I W
1990 Scott Eric Olivier Children (Original Score) E M I W


P = Producer
E = Recording Engineer
M = Mixing Engineer
I = Instrumentalist
PT = ProTools / Logic / Ableton Live
W = Writer / Composer
Ma = Mastering
SD = Sound Designer
rM = Re-Mixer
PG = Programmer



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